Being a teenager isn’t easy. Being a parent isn’t easy. Being part of a supportive community to help navigate those challenges? This makes everything a bit easier.

LAJTI has made teen wellness a priority by curating meaningful workshops for parents throughout Los Angeles. We engage in conversations with Jewish educators, spiritual leaders, and teens themselves to find out which topics are most important to address. From internet safety, to mindfulness and building self-esteem, these workshops help parents and teens communicate, and tackle these issues together.

We invite you to attend one of the many teen wellness workshops we offer.  You’ll hear from professionals on issues relating to the emotional, social, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of today’s teens in LA. To find out about future workshops, please email lajti@Jewishla.org



In addition to helping parents and teens on their paths to wellness, we support the educators and professionals who are doing great work in this space. LAJTI partners with organizations seeking to create innovative and impactful programs centered around teen health and wellness. For more information on Wellness Partnerships, email lajti@Jewishla.org.